Zombie Kid Likes Turtles
And, let's be honest.  Who doesn't?
YouTube Poop
That's not a (Pokemon), that's a (Gay Luigi.)
You Are a Pirate
Do what you want 'cause a pirate is free.
Will It Blend?
That is the question.
Where the Hell is Matt?
What What in the Butt
It's only funny when Butters sings it.
What Does the Fox Say?
Seeing so many Gifs of YouTube videos...  It fills you with determination.
Tunak Tunak Tun
Dholna, vaje tumbe val taar
Try Not to Laugh
You laugh, you lose.
Tron Guy
By going to the science fiction convention...
Trololo Song
Ye-ye-ye-ye-yeh Ye-ye-yeh Ye-ye-yeh Ohohohohoh
Dip it all in mashed potatoes.
I am the head of Colin Mochrie.
Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise
And I thought my wife had an explosive temper.
Techno Viking
The music dances to him instead.
Talking Twin Babies
Their lips keep moving, but all I hear is "Blah blah blah."
Tails Reacts to "What Does the Fox Say"
"OK, this is starting to look like a crackhead's interpretation of Teen Wolf."
I see that you're embarking on another epic quest
You're gonna use that ocarina to rescue the princess
But, you'll need a magic weapon that'll never ever miss...
Star Wars Kid
Darth Maul's biggest fan.
Stalking Cat
South Carolina Answers a Question
I think we should help South Africa and Iraq to read a map and, I'm sorry, what?!
Sonic Shorts
Alright, Knuckles!  Take it away!
Sneezing Baby Panda
Great time to add explosion effects!
Can your favorite foods take on Ian's pink frosted sprinkle donuts of awesome?!
Skype Laughter Chain
The source of many stupid YouTube remixes.
Sittin' on the Toilet
Because why not?
Simon's Cat
What did you expect, condoms?
Shia Lebeouf
Just...DOOOO it!
Scott Sterling
He's like a brick wall!
Scarlet Takes a Tumble
Face it, we all saw that one coming.
Roman Atwood
The husband of many surprises.
Rick Roll
We're no strangers to love...
You know the rules, and so do I!
Rhett and Link
Do you remember back in middle school;
When my trunks fell down at the pool.
Everyone laughed, except for you;
You just let me hold you in my bedroom.
You're watching the Family Learning Channel.
Racist Mario
You're not Nintendo!  You're PRETEND-o!
Pretty Girl Makes Faces
What kind of drugs did this chick take?
With Jeana screaming all the time, I'd hate to have them as my neighbors.
Potter Puppet Pals
Spoiler alert: It's a pipe bomb.
J-Pop to the max.
It's all fun and games until Adam Sandler comes in.
The King of YouTube (for some reason)
˙ǝsɐquɐɟ uɯɐppob sıɥ uo pǝʇɹɐʇs ǝɯ ʇǝb uǝʌǝ ʇ,uop
Peanut Butter Jelly Time
With a baseball bat!
Overly Attached Girlfriend
One Pound Fish
Six for five pounds
Nyan Cat
The acid's kicking in.
Numa Numa
Nintendo 64 Kids
Best Christmas ever.
Never Say No to Panda
We have enough in the cart.
My Name is Boxxy
It's been a WHILE since I made a new video.
If I didn't wanna stay the first night, why would I stay anymore than FIVE?
Mario vs. Minecraft
He has an addiction to shrooms.
Luigi Death Stare
They see me rollin'...
Lily's Disneyland Surprise
Early b-day presents are always the best.
Lightning Bolt
Nerds in a nutshell.
Leeroy Jenkins
Oh my god, he ran in.
Leave Britney Alone
Spoiler alert: it's a dude.
le Internet Medley
Dancing trolls!
Laughing Baby
How to brighten anyone's day
Kung Fury
Yeah, that's my bicep.
Kids React
"People, do not watch that screaming kid!"
Keyboard Cat
Cat be like "FML..."
John Cena Prank Call
You've got a collect call from...
Jenna Marbles
If you're easily offended, then you might as well click off the internet forever.
Japanese Dog Commercial
Japan does it again!
Top of the mornin' to ya laddies!
Apple store dance...  (I'm not even sure why I put her on here...)
I Can't Believe You've Done This
Aw f--k.
Great inspiration for cooks in training.
How Animals Eat Their Food
Watch closely.
Honey Badger
Honey badger don't care!
Honest Trailers
I hope these kids stayed in school...
Here it Goes Again
OK Go.
Have You Ever Had a Dream
How you sound when you talk to your crush the first time...

...admit it.
Harlem Shake
Everyone wants to join in.
Greatest Freakout Ever
Don't cancel his game accounts...
Going to the Store
Just a beautiful day for a walk outside!
Gangnam Style
The legend of YouTube.
We so excited...
Guitar army!
Flea Market Montgomery
It's just like, it's just like a mini mall!
Evolution of Dance
Shut up and dance!
Epic Rap Battles of History
Skrillex vs. Mozart!  BEGIN!
Epic Meal Time
Cookies today, mudaf-ka!
End of Ze World
eHarmony Cat Girl
I'm thinking at cats again!
Dumb Ways to Die
I wonder, what's this red button do?
Dude Perfect
Basketball to the max!
Duck Song
Til the very next day...
Dramatic Chipmunk
6 seconds of awesome!
Dragon Baby
Beast vs young human!
Double Rainbow
What does it mean?
Double Dream Hands
Brought to you by Planet Rock!
Go ahead.  Tell him the princess is in another castle.
Don't Hug Me I'm Scared
Get creative!
Diet Coke and Mentos
Damn, that's an old meme.
Deez Nuts
F is for friends who do stuff together.  U is for you and me!  N is for-
Death Battle
Pitchforks and torches down, let us explain.
David After Dentist
Is this real life?
Daft Hands
Do it faster, makes us stronger
Daft Bodies
Work it harder, make it better
Cows and Cows and Cows
Cyriak: man, myth, legend
The Glitch.
Chuck Testa
Nope, they're not.  They're dead.
Mutant Spider Dog
Chocolate Rain
Some stay dry and others feel the pain.
Charlie the Unicorn
They took my freakin' kidney!
Charlie Bit My Finger
That really hurt, Charlie!
Fun fact: this comes from an anime called Popotan.
"Fallen Kingdom"
Bunnies Can Fly
That's called nature.  Best get used to it.
Boom Goes the Dynamite
Worst sportscaster ever.
Bed Intruder
Hide yo kids.
Badger Badger Badger
Mushroom mushroom
Atlanta Grape Lady
No stopping!
Die, potato.
Annoying Orange
Angry German Kid
Super Saiyan Gamer.
All Your Base Are Belong To Us
Someone set up us the bomb.
Ain't Nobody Got Time For Dat
List of things ain't nobody got time for:
1. That
Afro Ninja
What kind of wood is this?
Action Movie Kid
Cute and innocent?  Please...
155 T-Shirts
A new world record.
Llamas with Hats
Animator vs. Animation
Why I need a new computer.